Services to businesses

Financial Statements (Compilation engagement, Review engagement, Audit engagement)

Need a financial statement with assurance (audit, review) or only a compilation of your data? Our team, affiliated with the Ordre des CPA du Quebec, will be able to complete you a financial statement recognized by different financial institutions.

We act as external auditors for several non-profit organizations, municipalities and other types of organizations (ex.: COOPS).

  • AUDIT ENGAGEMENT : The audit provides reasonable assurance that the financial statements, are exempt of material misstatement (fraud or error).
  • REVIEW ENGAGEMENT : Basically relies on requests for information, analytical procedures and interviews on the information provided to the CPA by the client entity. The report issued indicates whether the financial statements comply in all material respects with the applicable financial reporting framework. The review mission provides less assurance than the audit mission, but more than the notice to reader.
  • COMPILATION ENGAGEMENT : Compiling financial statements of an entity based on information available to us without providing any form of assurance. For PME, the notice to the reader issued in the financial statement is often sufficient for the different financial institutions.


We also do other types of certification, requested by different government departments and agencies, to obtain certain grants or subsidies or, by the various professionals orders, such as audit reports for trust accounts.


We work with computer software (Acomba, Sage, Quickbooks …) to produce computerized accounting. These tools allow you to see the evolution of your business at any time. In addition, we conduct bank reconciliations to ensure that there is nothng forgotten. Subsequently, we can file GST / QST returns and other necessary documents. Good bookkeeping is the foundation of your success. It is not insignificant and will be made according to your needs.

Payroll Service

Regardless of the complexity of your business, we offer payroll service for all fields of activity:

  • Ordinary pay
  • CCQ
  • Tips
  • VRSP
  • Etc.

We calculate payrolls to be given to your employees according to hours worked, including holidays, vacation, etc, whether it is on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annually (bonus or other). We can pay your employees by direct deposit or check.

We also produce:

  • Pay stubs
  • Records of employment
  • Notice of employment and End of employment (CCQ)
  • Monthly government reports (DAS)
  • Monthly reports CCQ and WSIB
  • Pay statements CSST

At the end of the year, we prepare the slips, T4, Releve 1, etc.

Giving us the mandate to do your pay, you can have peace of mind. These will be well calculated according to the standards and they will be made on time.

Government Remittals (GST/QST, DAS, CCQ, CNESST, WSIB, etc.)

We help you fulfill your obligations to the different government authorities (taxes, salary remittances, employer reports, etc.). These will be produced on time and according to the standards, which prevents paying penalties or unnecessarily interest.

Preparation of Government slips and Summaries

We prepare for you the different slips to send to governments:

  • T5018 for subcontractors in construction;
  • T4A for services received;
  • T5 and Releve 3 for dividends;
  • T4 and Releve 1 pour salaries;
  • Releve 31 for landlords of residential buildings;
  • Etc.

Starting Up a Business

We can help you with your business startup. Whether to start a registered business for a self-employed worker or a joint-stock company. In collaboration with notaries, you will have all the legal and necessary documents for the good start of your company:

  • Constitution certificate;
  • Shares certificate;
  • Minutes;
  • Etc.

You will benefit from our judicious advice thanks to our experience, which will launch your business in the right direction.

Business registration

We can help you with your registrations to different government authorities according to their laws and regulations (taxes, employer accounts, etc.)

Business advice

We can provide you with important advice for your business (acquisitions, sales, business mergers …), and the most beneficial one’s for you.


We can offer you training (bookkeeping, payroll, etc.). We can also help you learn different accounting software.