Tax return questionnaire

Tax return

Dear customers,

Let us begin by thanking you for using our electronic portal. Doing so will be very useful for us and for you, especially considering the current situation, in addition to being simple and safe. You will find attached to this email, useful information for your 2022 income tax return.

Please read carefully, as it contains important information.

Thank you for your collaboration, we look forward to seeing you again in person.

Here is a checklist of the documents to send us and a table of tax-deductible drug costs that you can fill out.

Warning! The personal information questionnaire must be completed, whether you are a new client or not. You can fill it out directly below on our website and it will be automatically sent to us, or you can print it, fill it out and send it to us with your documents.

Fill up tax return questionnaire




**No document received by email will be accepted, for lack of safety**

Regardless of your favored filing method, wait to have ALL of your documents before sending them to us. No file will be started until we have all the documents.

Available options to provide us with your documents, depending on your preferences:

1-Quick drop off – without an appointment

  • a. Fill out our 2022 tax return questionnaire (on our website or print it)
  • b. Bring all your paper documents to the office in a sealed, identified envelope and drop them at the reception or in  the door slot at our Chelsea’s office or in the box at Val-des-Monts office. Please note that the office in Gracefield will not accept documents (See notice client Gracefield).

2-Submit your file via our secure portal CCH IFirm

  • a. Fill out the 2022 tax return questionnaire (on our website or print it)
  • b. Scan your documents in a PDF format (You can use the DocScan application on Iphone or Genius Scan), ATTENTION make sure that the images are CLEAR, READABLE and COMPLETE. Name your documents correctly according to the slip/receipt: example: T4 employer X– First name, Last name.
  • c. Upload the documents directly to the portal, in the folder named 2022
  • d. Send an email to to let us know that your tax returns are on the portal and READY to be filed.

3- In person drop off, with an appointment

  • a. Call the office to make an appointment 819-459-1115
  • b. Fill out the 2022 tax return questionnaire (print it, web site or fill it out at the office)
  • c. Bring all your paper documents to your appointment.

Please provide us with your documents before April 14, 2023, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to submit the declarations received after this date while respecting the government deadlines. Extras may be charged after this date.


Allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks for us to file your taxes. 

1. Collect your documents via CCH IFirm portal (Preferred method)

  • a. You will receive an email informing you when documents have been uploaded to your portal and that signatures are required.
  • b. Follow the steps on your screen (this can also be done via mobile phones)
  • c. Your invoice will be sent to you in a second email. The payment methods are indicated on the bottom of your invoice.
  • d. You will have a complete copy of your declaration via the client portal, in the signed documents file. You can print or save it as you wish. You will have access to your tax return at all times via this portal.
  • e. You will have to pick up your original documents at our office, during our opening hours. (Not applicable if submitting your file via portal).

2. Collect your documents in a paper format

  • a. We will contact you by phone, to inform you that you can pick them up, during our opening hours
  • b. The receptionist will have you sign your documents and pay your invoice. Please note that the receptionist is not trained to answer your tax questions. If you need an accountant for any question, you will need an appointment.

***** ATTENTION, no declaration will be transmitted to the governments without the signatures for the authorizations nor without the payment of your invoice. It is your responsibility to sign and pay on time so that we can meet the deadlines. *****